Steamulation pro X III

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Steamulation Pro X III

The best – even better!

Steamulation Pro X III is here!

The flagship of ultimate technology Pro X has been optimized and improved in every aspect and gets more features!

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Steamulation Purge Pro X III (Optimized!)

Steamulation Pro X III features the world’s most advanced Purge system for multi-hookah hookahs. The unique Steamulation Purge Pro valves allow any user to easily vent the bowl without having to remove the valve balls. The valves on all four smoke ports operate automatically in both directions (smoke & blow out). The intelligent system can even compensate for overpressure in the hookah and then use the free hose connections to blow out if necessary. The system has been optimized and improved again compared to the previous generation.

Steamulation high flow system (New!)

Steamulation Pro X (Gen.III) has been optimized in terms of flow and is supplied with larger flow cross sections. The flow has been increased by 25% compared to its predecessor. At the same time, the adjustment range of the advanced Steamulation airflow control is increased.

Advanced Diffuser (New!)

The new Advanced Diffuser is inspired by the well-known Steamulation Cooling Diffuser. A buoyant ball in the diffuser prevents the water column from rising and oscillating in the immersion tube. On the one hand, this complements the overpressure function by making it impossible to flood the hookah. On the other hand, the smoking behaviour is very positively affected, as the oscillation of the water column is effectively reduced. When tightening, a pleasant current and tightness immediately occurs, as the water does not have to be displaced from the dip tube first. Also this function is currently offered exclusively by Steamulation only and is not found in any other hookah on the market.

X Blow Off + (New!)

With the Steamulation Pro X III, the well-known X Blow Off is complemented by a Blow Off plate. By rotating the Blow Off plate under the charcoal plate, the Blow Off plate can be activated and

turned off. With the familiar X Blow Off of its predecessor, the Steamulation Pro X III now offers 31 different Blow Off options. Pick your favorite!

X Blow Off + is an available accessory and can be used in conjunction with a sleeve

Cooling control adapter (new!)

New is the optional cooling control adapter. This optionally directs some of the exhaust air back to the top smoke column in the smoke header. This allows the smoke head to be cooled in a targeted manner. The air volume is adjustable and can either be turned off or left on permanently. The cooling control adapter is simply inserted between the base and the smoke column and can be combined with all X Blow Off and sleeves. (Note: When the cooling system is installed, the venting pressure increases slightly. This causes an earlier response of the overpressure function. If this is not desired, the overpressure function can be turned off on unused smoke ports by turning off the AirFlow Control) .

The cooling control adapter is available as an accessory!

Steam Airflow Control (Optimized!)

The Steamulation Pro X III allows its users to individually adjust the flow at each hose connection using the Steamulation Airflow Control between traditional and modern as desired. Compared to its predecessor, the maximum draw has been increased and the hose connections have been adjusted to direct moisture directly back to the base. In addition, the ports can now be completely closed to disable the overpressure function.

Dip Tube Steamulation Control (Optimized!)

The new Dip Tube Control allows you to adjust the length of the dip tube in 10 different steps to further customize the pull and tightening of your Pro X.

Grip Head Adapter (Optimized)

The Steamulation Pro X III now features a grip head adapter that is grooved to ensure maximum grip of your seal. Optimization even in small detail

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