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Werkbund Hookah Scratch


The Werkbund is ideal for lovers of traditional smoking. Each hookah is unique, as it is handmade with a lot of love in Russia.

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The vase or base of the hookah is made of fired clay and traditional ceramics, but the most advanced materials and techniques were used. The inside of the jar is glazed so that the clay does not absorb water. One of the advantages here is that this has a thermal effect with this technique cold water stays cold longer or hot water stays hotter longer unlike traditional glass jars. Our ancestors used this technique to keep milk or other drinks always cool and fresh.

Complete set:

1. 1.

2. Vase (clay with glaze inside)

3. Plate (clay)

4. Dish (wood and stainless steel)

5. Brown leather hose (with silicone rubber inside)

6. Adapter (stainless steel)

7. Bowl (clay)

* Handmade. Configuration and color may vary.