Steamulation Superior Black Polished


Hookah Steamulation Superior Polished Black represents exclusive materials, elegant design and modern technology

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The Steamulation Superior Polished Black hookah represents exclusive materials, elegant design and modern technology like all Steamulation products.

The hookah container is handmade and made of crystal. The aluminium components are produced in Switzerland with the highest precision and then receive a special black coating. The resulting deep black design is complemented by unique technologies developed by Steamulation. With SteamClick 360, Superior Black features the world’s fastest and safest hookah connection system. Additional benefits offered by SteamClick include a 360-degree rotation function and built-in valves that create ideal airflow. Thus, Steamulation’s Superior Black guarantees easier handling and exceptional smoking pleasure.

Includes hose – 150 cm.

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Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 24 × 67 cm


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