STARBUZZ E-HEAD 2.0 electronic warhead

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An innovative electronic bowl from Starbuzz with a battery level temperature display and pull counter.
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The Starbuzz E-head 2.0 version is made from a solid aluminium alloy, resulting in a smooth and stackable metallic finish.

Advances in technology in the vape industry have created amazing new features for these electronic devices, allowing sessions to quickly mimic a hookah session. An important feature to look for when it comes to an electronic hookah bowl is a variable voltage, and this allows you to choose the temperature within your session.

Illuminated from the top of the bowl, the illuminated display will also include an inhalation counter that will show you how many draws you have enjoyed with your session. This will also be a great reminder for when it’s time to add more e-juice to the bowl, in hookah terms, this means lighting a second round of charcoal.

Through the test session with this e-bowl, it was realized that the smoke never arrived as hot or overly concentrated in the e-juice flavor. The reason behind this smooth smoking experience comes from the multiple exhaust ports, located on the inner column of the bowl. Each inhale was followed by a small smoke purge from the exhaust, and this is a feature that happens automatically to prevent the bowl from becoming heavy. The smooth and comfortable inhale with each session is unmatched by any electronic bowl on the market and is simply a new vaping experience.

This E-head bowl does not work on cartridges and requires no fire or charcoal. Before you start your session, always remember to charge the bowl with the included charger and you can see your battery level with a quick swipe on the screen.

Wireless Hookah e Head 2.0
Wireless Hookah Hook 2.0 Wireless Hookah 2.0 Control Panel

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