Sahara Smoke Drone Alpha


All it takes is a quick glance to realize that this hookah has a truly unique design that will stand out in any hookah collection!

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The central part of the hookah is supported by three individual legs that allow the threaded glass base to be suspended in the air when attached to the hookah, contributing to its futuristic aesthetic as well as ensuring increased stability when smoking.

Hidden inside Drone Alpha is an invisible venting system that allows you to easily and completely rid your base of the thick smoke by gently exhaling from your hose.


The stainless steel lower stem that extends into the base releases smoke with ease and is both rust and corrosion resistant (with proper maintenance). The Drone Alpha can also be disassembled into multiple pieces, which also makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze!

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Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Gun Metal, Pink, Red, Teal