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Romeo y Julieta No2


The Romeo y Julieta No.2 Tubos cigar is a classic of the brand. Larger than the No. 3 but smaller than the No. 1, this cigar has essentially the same flavor as the other tubobs. The tobacco is medium in flavor combined with a variety of flavors to create a very complex cigar. Floral in aroma with hints of nuts, garden herbs and smoky wood, this is definitely a cigar to try!

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-Piece 1

-Length 149mm

-Ring 42

Romeo y Julieta Founded by Alvarez y Garcia in 1875 and named after Shakespeare’s tragic lovers – Romeo Y Julieta.

The name became known in 1903 under the guidance of a talented promoter – Don ‘Pepin’.

In 1946, when Winston Churchill – a lover of the brand – visited Havana his name was not only commemorated in a band, but also served to describe the company’s most famous cigar size – the Churchill.

A classic medium-sized cigar made up of well-balanced, aromatic blends of fine selected tobaccos.