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Quasar, the creator of innovative products, has partnered with Social Smoke, the highest quality American handmade tobacco brand, to offer consumers a unique hookah experience.

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Patented technology offers an intense tasting and controlled session
– New airflow management allows for heat regulation.
– The double-wall heat system prevents ash from falling on the tobacco, thus avoiding flavour alteration.

The borosilicate bowl is quickly prepared and can vary the intensity according to the dosage (between 15 and 20 grams).
The flexible connector fits all hookahs.
The silicone rings make it easy to handle at all times.


Height: 123mm
Width: 100mm
Weight: 305g
Composition of the bowl :silicate glass
Composition of the lid :Aluminium
Composition of the handle: silicone
Oven composition: Aluminium
Starting time: 6 minutes
Bowl capacity: 15-20g
Session duration: 1h50
Charcoal: 2

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