Quasar Petit Raas 2


The Quasar Petit Raas 2 is a compact marvel offering an unparalleled experience with just one charcoal, while retaining the quality and innovation features of the Raas 2.

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The heating system of the Petit Raas 2 reduces its diameter from 99 to 80 mm, offering a dedicated space to accommodate a single 25 to 27 mm charcoal. The glass bowl loses 15 mm in diameter compared to that of the Quasar Raas 2, with a capacity ranging from 12.5 to 15 g of tobacco or substitute. Equipped with the same silicone handle, the Petit Raas 2 inherits all the innovative features of the Quasar Raas 2.

H 125 mm / 80 X mm
250 g
Material – Heating system
Anodized aluminum
Material – Bowl
Borosilicate glass
Material – Handle
Bowl capacity
12.5 – 15 g
Number of charcoals
1 cubes
Size of coals
From 25 to 27 mm