Oduman Gusto


With a new design and a new name the new Oduman model is here. Gusto is here!

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The Gusto hookah is the first stainless steel model of the Turkish brand ODUMAN, known for its glass models. In recent years, ODUMAN has built a name among the major manufacturers with constant innovation. Although traditionally, the Turkish brand was known for its glass hookah, this model develops its range.

The ODUMAN Gusto stands out for its quality of construction and its very affordable price.

Handmade glass of high quality.
All parts are stainless steel except the mouthpiece.
The mouthpiece is made of anodized aluminium.
Silicone rubber. Length 1,5 meters.
Can be used with 2 rubber bands.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 37 cm




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