Thunder is a heat management system that is made entirely of high quality stainless steel. The individual components are coordinated in such a way that the hookah smoke is maintained at the optimal temperature – this creates a unique smoking experience with a more intense flavor and smoke density.

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The Thunder is made of stainless steel and consists of a funnel, a smoke box, a grid, a lid and a wooden handle.

The Thunder works best in a full contact setting. To do this, the smoke box is preheated in the charcoal lighter for about 90 seconds (duration may vary depending on the charcoal lighter) to start directly with the most intense smoke and perfect draw. Due to the specially patented structure, only one charcoal is required when smoking – no more annoying burning.

For an individual temperature setting, the Smokebox can be rotated with the wooden handle, which means the ventilation slots can be opened and closed. The wooden lining of the funnel creates a cool area that you can touch without hesitation.