Mixto Tobacco 17gr


Mixto is a new 2-ingredient tobacco from Germany in unique flavours that can be prepared in just 30 seconds!

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Mixto is a 2-component tobacco. One ingredient is molasses (Liquid) and the second ingredient is pre-flavoured raw tobacco (GoldenVirginia)

Combining these two products results in Mixto!

All you have to do is choose the liquid and the tobacco with your favorite flavor!

Liquid: 33gr | Tobacco 17gr

Total Weight : 50g

Step 1 : Pour the liquid into the flavoured tobacco.

Step 2 : Stir well for at least 30 seconds until no liquid remains at the bottom of the packet.

Step 3 : Your tobacco is ready to enjoy!

Not sold separately! Combine with Mixto Liquid 33gr