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Maverick Hookah 2.0 Zeus Red Black


A Russian hookah from the Maverick series with a unique premium look!

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Maverick Shisha is a hookah of Russian manufacture. In particular, the carved elements that glow in the dark enhance the otherwise very simple design of the hookah. Using a high quality plastic blend for the base,it is very lightweight and elegant at the same time.

The hookah’s stainless steel charcoal tray with embossed grooves is ideal for depositing charcoal without it going out due to lack of air.

The inner column made entirely of stainless steel has notches at the bottom which, like a diffuser, lead to smaller air bubbles when pulled..

Like the elements of the smoke column, the bowl is also coated with luminescent powder and thus glows under black light and in a pleasant blue hue after charging in sunlight.

The continuous-core stainless steel mouthpiece is combined with wooden elements in the colours of the tobacco column and allows for a good grip and a pleasant feeling on the lips when smoking.