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The exclusive and rebellious brand DMNT from Spain this time brings us one of its best creations: the mysterious and mysterious DMNT KORVUS pipe. A hookah with an authentic, pioneering and provocative design that can catch everyone’s attention.

The DMNT Korvus is designed with the highest quality materials such as stainless steel and handcrafted resin, and you can choose from up to 3 different colors that are really crazy. In addition, its horizontal flushing system is beastly, releasing smoke through small holes located above and below the throat at the same time, creating a unique effect.

However, the uniqueness and difference of this pipe undoubtedly lies in its incredible design inspired by Viking culture and an attractive mystery that you will want to be a part of.

Package Includes: Body, Silicone Hose, DMNT Resin Mouthpiece, Removable Plastic Diffuser, Integrated Molasses Catcher, DMNT Exclusive Packaging, DMNT Stickers

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Blue, Purple