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AMY Deluxe AMIR`S 100R


The  AMY Deluxe AMIR`S 100R  is the “smaller” sibling of the 102.

Sold out!

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The  AMY Deluxe AMIR`S 100R  is the “smallest” variant of the AMIR`s 102  and has a fancy smoke column made of stainless steel.

NEW in the AMIR`s 100R is the rainbow shimmering corpus.   

In the  delivery of AMIR`s 100R  is included:

  • clay head + hot screen
  • Universal adapter made of stainless steel
  • 4 connections
  • Click and patented multi-chamber system
  • Silicone hose + aluminum mouthpiece


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Βάρος 3 kg



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