Quasar RAAS 2


After surprising the hookah world with its first thermal head with patented technology, Quasar is back with an optimized version.

The new design emphasizes ergonomics redesigned for everyday use both natural and intuitive. The use of glass, a material with remarkable properties, neutralizes tastes for an unparalleled aesthetic experience.

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The new features of the QUASAR RAAS 2 bowl include a raised lid, allowing the use of any type of charcoal (natural cube charcoal 26mm or 27mm, self-igniting natural NEO charcoal). The internal diameter of the bowl has been kept to preserve the exceptional and incomparable taste experience of the QUASAR RAAS system.

The composition and fixing of the different elements of the QUASAR RAAS 2 have been improved, strengthening its resistance and longevity.

A notable difference in the QUASAR RAAS 2 is that it offers improved and refined airflow. The engineering has been redesigned to make the most of charcoal heating without the need to constantly change them.

The QUASAR RAAS 2 also has reinforced silicone rings for a safer and more comfortable grip.

Finally, the QUASAR RAAS 2 is dressed in an elegant anthracite gray finish, perfectly retaining heat and prolonging its lifespan.

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